The Five Most Remarkable Benefits of Advertising Online with Google Ads

The Five Most Remarkable Benefits of Advertising Online with Google Ads

Online advertising has a lot of benefits in today’s online age. Digital Marketers that incorporate paid search with Google Ads into their mix of channels for advertising online will appreciate all the ways it improves their brand awareness.

So, which is a benefit of advertising online with Google Ads? Increasing traffic? Delivering a controlled message? Targeting the best possible prospects? Better rankings or fulfilling a more robust SEO Strategy?

One of the greatest things about advertising online is all of these are the benefits. Let’s take a closer look at each of these benefits of advertising online with Google AdWords.

1. Increase traffic to your website—immediately. SEO is an excellent goal for any brand. However, organic SEO is time-consuming and, well, tedious.

However, when you engage in a paid online advertising campaign, it works faster than your SEO strategy. Per Leadsquared, a lead conversion platform, online advertising is quicker because of the ability to focus on multiple keywords at the same time, you control when the campaign is on (or off, as the case may be), and your ad appears at the top of the page, prime real estate on a webpage for visibility.

2. Serves as an excellent complement to your SEO strategy.

Based on #1, it seems like we are saying you should only engage in paid online advertising. Maybe you should or maybe you shouldn’t; you will have to decide for yourself.

For our part, we believe that an SEO strategy is a significant part of your online success. Think of it this way; SEO strategy is a long-term game, and online advertising is a short-term win. Also, SEO has many long-term benefits, while online advertising can benefit you right now.

Leadsquared says it like this:

“Ads give you instant visibility at an instant cost whereas SEO would give you long term success depending on the effort you put on the quality of your content.”

3. Control the message of your ads.

Having a sale? Promoting a new product? With Google Ads, you can instantly create an ad and push any type of messaging you want. In fact, you can direct your ads to any page on your website. This is a great way to A/B test to see what landing pages performs the best.

In addition, you can leverage additional ad extensions to promote an address, phone number, promotions and more!

Why let the search engines choose what page to display in the search engine results page?

4. Target the best possible prospects for your goods or services.

Using demographics and lifestyle information to target the best possible future customers for your business is one of the great benefits of the Google AdWords platform. You can take a nearly granular approach to who you wish to speak to with your Google AdWords campaign.

Also, you can decide who you would rather not target with your ad. This effort will improve the stats on your campaign.

For example,, a digital marketing and data science training company, shares a hypothetical case where conversion rates for the Google Ads campaign were not where the marketer wanted. Using data analysis, the advertiser learned that a large percentage of their traffic was coming from an audience outside the target, which decreased the conversion rate. Once that audience was excluded, the conversion rates improved.

In addition to optimizing your ad audience members, you can also optimize the time of day that your ads appear. So, not only are you talking to your best potential customers, but you are also talking to them when they want to hear from you. By adjusting the time you reach your audience, you could see increases in your conversion rate.

5. Automatically bid for the best spots in search engine placement.

Remember the cola wars of the 80s? How about Mac and PC in the early 2000s? Even the last Superbowl had some beer competitors slugging it out on their TV ads.

Brand competition has been around for years. However, with Google AdWords, it’s a little less confrontative.

If you have a competitor that you want to outrank, you can. says by selecting “Target Outrank” in the automatic bidding functionality, you will beat them in the auction for that keyword.

Google Ads has multiple benefits for digital marketers today. From increasing traffic to complementing an SEO campaign to controlling the audience and the message, and even bidding for the best rank, marketers have multiple benefits for the Google Ad campaigns. Which is a benefit of online advertising? The answer is all of them—and they can make Google Ads a significant success for improving brand awareness and increasing revenue for your organization. 


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