New announcements

The only all-in-one tool that allows you to create, mock up, share and upload campaigns directly into Google Ads. Think of it as a Google Ads Preview Tool on steroids!

Launched our private beta program

December 9, 2019

We officially launched our private beta program after advertising the program for 6 months. The purpose of launching the private beta is to get feedback to make sure PCADE is market fit before our official launch on Jan 27, 2020. We are planning on onboarding new beta users to PPC Ad Editor via 1:1 walkthroughs and webinars.

Website Launched!

May 15, 2018

We finally launched our first website and made our first draft of the dashboard. In addition, everything was starting to come together. We started thinking about the logo, web page designs, colors and more.

PPC Ad Editor Name was born!

March 2018

We weren’t sure what to call it. We went through countless names.

Should we go with something that has no real meaning like Google or Bing? Or should we do go with a name that explained what we did?

We decided to go with a simple name that helped explained our product because we didn’t have $$$ for a major branding campaign.

Idea was born!

January 2009

Having worked at multiple digital marketing agencies, we wanted to create a better way to share PPC ads with our clients and not use excel…Nothing was out there yet…

We tried asking our in house dev team to come up with something cool but everyone was busy…as a result, we had to table the idea for now…