5 Things to Ask When Hiring a White Label PPC Agency
  • August 15, 2021
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5 Things to Ask When Hiring a White Label PPC Agency

Working with a white label PPC agency is a great way to kick-start or improve your own agency’s search marketing offerings. But not all white label PPC solutions provide the same level of quality. Like any service you plan to offer to your clients, you need to take time to ensure that the white label solution you choose provides excellent support to you and your customers.

It can feel intimidating getting up to speed in PPC if you’re new to the practice. In order to have an effective dialogue with the agency you wish to employ, it helps to know the basics about PPC. This way, you’ll be able to identify solutions that provide what you need, and can ask more helpful questions.

While your questions should be tailored to your specific needs, there are a few that you should always ask before entering into a contract with a PPC agency. Here are five questions that we recommend asking the next time you go looking for a white label PPC solution.

1. How Do You Measure Results?

In the modern world of advertising and marketing, metrics are king. Whether it be within the space of traditional advertising, web marketing or even experiential marketing, decision-makers want to see numbers that can inform their choices. Because your clients want to see these metrics, it’s crucial that your white label PPC solution provides you with useful data that you can send to the client.

As you likely know, having numbers available isn’t the only goal. You need to have the right numbers. Every agency and client has different goals, not every PPC agency will match up with yours or your client’s. Make sure to ask any potential white label group or solution provide how the results and metrics are reported, what areas they focus on and how those results are presented before you sign a contract.

2. Do You Offer Any Training Resources for Clients?



While web marketing like SEO and PPC has become vastly more important over the years, not every agency member has a complete understanding of PPC basics. Because a white label PPC solution relies on your agency employees taking a tool and using it to perform web marketing for your client, your employees need to know how PPC works.

A training course from the agency you hire can make it significantly easier for your employees to perform their jobs. It also saves you and your HR team time and money by preventing you from having to hire a PPC specialist or sourcing your own training. In addition to those benefits, a training course also empowers your employees to have more thoughtful and productive conversations with PPC experts at the white label agency.

3. Do You Have Any Case Studies?

No matter the industry, case studies reign king. Like any form of advertising, effective PPC solutions differ from industry to industry. If a white label solution seems to specialize exclusively in tech, but you only work with construction and logistics companies, then they may not be the right fit.

Beyond figuring out whether or not there’s an industrial fit, case studies communicate a lot about how an agency communicates with clients and solves problems. Be sure to ask for case studies of projects that were stunning successes and projects that could have gone better. You can’t control everything, so working with white label solution provider that has a history of saving projects gone wrong can increase your chances at a successful project.

4. How Do You Manage Projects?

It’s often said that the most important part of any relationship is communication. That adage holds especially true for business relationships. As you know, project management varies from agency to agency. Each project management style is almost like a whole new language, and it will save both you and your white label PPC agency time if you are already speaking the same one.

5. What Methods Will You Use to Boost My Brand?

At the end of the day, marketing is all about brand management. You need to get a clear picture of how the agency you plan to work with will improve your brand awareness over time. Understanding the methods they plan to use can help you make the right call, as some PPC methods may be better suited to your needs than others.  

Find the Right White Label PPC Solution

Now that you know what to ask, it’s time to get to work searching for your white label PPC partner. At PPC Ad Editor, we offer a variety of PPC tools that are intuitive and easy to use no matter your level of expertise. Our service are designed to help people build, preview and launch PPC campaigns in a way that removes the tedious complications of spreadsheets.

Want to learn more? Contact us today to find out about pricing or take a look at some of the free PPC tools that we offer to help agencies better serve their clients.

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